Remove the barriers to employment for over 1BN Neurodiverse talent, empowering innovation and transformation in business and the world.
Too often when we read articles about prominent Dyslexic, ADHD or Autistic people, we keep seeing lots of names of white men who are DEAD! Men like Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison to name a few. And for all these men acheived, it has been a while since they acheived them. Neurodiversity today in 2023 is for me about the future sustainability and advancement of the human race! Some of the most incredible scientists and activists of modern times are neurodiverse, and yes it transcends, gender, race, ethnicity & age… People putting themselves on the line like Greta Thunberg, Dr Mae Jemison and Noami Klein, to name but a few.
So Theo Smith a neurodiversity advocate, wanted to shine a light on all the incredible people doing important work in the neurodiversity space. He has created an alternative list of people who are not dead! They are very much alive and making a real and positive impact! 🙂 How did he do it? By asking his Neurodiversity community who they thought were the best of the best, and they didn’t disappoint. If your name is on the list feel free to pay it forwards and recommend to us some other incredible people who are neurodiverse champions and deserve to be recognised for their work. Because after all what better recognition is there than that of your hard-working peers. We can think of none!
We created the free neurodiversity workbook with one mission in mind: to provide easy accessible and comprehensive resources that empower neurodiverse individuals everywhere. We believe neurodiversity is an asset and wish to tread a path towards recognising its many challenges as well as its unique and incredible gifts. Our goal is to foster empathy, communication, and understanding for those of us on the spectrum and beyond. It’s a small step to helping you get started on your journey.